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    The food will be delivered right to your doorstep.(Please refer merchant note on special delivery conditions)

Our opening hours are Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Any emails/inquiries outside these hours will receive a response within the next business day.
Delivery time may vary according to merchant
We cannot promise you fo the specific time due to unpredictable traffic these days
When using our services to order food delivery, you are receiving the services of a self-employed (independent contractor) delivery driver/ runner.
Yes. We don't expect you to get out of your bed and wait around for your box. Our delivery crews will contact you for the approximate arrival time before reaching your premises.

Please do provide correct address and phone number to ensure the meal arrive to the right location. Riders reserve the right to leave the premises after 7 minutes without respond from opening the door or telephonic correspondence.
  1. Please make sure the starting date of the package and the meals option are correct as we may not be able to change the order after it is placed.
  2. Please let us know your diet requirement or allergy in the remark box.
  3. If you need to receive the food at certain time, please contact us to discuss before placing the order.
  4. We could deliver to different addresses within the week, but please let us know in advance.
Absolutely. Please contact our customer service team and let us know your updated address details. Please note, we require at least 48 hours prior to amend your delivery details.
WhatsApp us at +6014-3040711 if you have not received your delivery within the allocated timeslot. Our team will provide an update on your delivery as soon as possible.
Sure! Except for the agreement arising from the causes of any of the following: civil commotion, war, flood, fire, typhoon and explosion. Therefore, we will always try and proactively call you if we become aware that your order might be delayed.
All of our deliveries are made using refrigerated/hot pack container licensed motorcycles. Your meals are packed into boxes to keep them fresh after we deliver.
Yes! Our boxes are recyclable and biodegradable. Homey is an eco-friendly platform.
We have a great selection of meals to suit your needs. We cater meals suited for different groups of people, who wish to focus on weight loss, diabetic, high blood pressure, post-surgery, cancer prevention and so on
We believe in flexibility and choice. Hence, we offer packages of different days of meal subscription to fill your needs.
All the meals are nutritionally good and perfectly portioned to ensure you eat right. Our passionate team of nutritionists and dietitians has revised all merchant meals before they are proposed to you.
We deliver healthier food for your benefit! Our meals are not only nutritionally crafted but also taste delicious. We believe in the concept of eating healthy which is all about having a well-balanced diet; eating the right amount of essential nutrients to keep you feeling great.
Our menu varies every day with every Homey merchant chef in order to provide surprises and give you the feeling of eating delicious home cooked food.
Kindly write to us and we will inform the vendor regarding your request. Usually vendors from Homey cannot remove smaller ingredients from the meals such as onions, garlic, tomatoes, capsicum or herbs. If you have a severe allergy to a particular food, then we do not recommend ordering with Homey as we are not able to accept any responsibility for any allergic reactions which you may experience.
Kindly write to us and we will inform the vendor regarding your request. All of our meals are prepared in bulk by our vendors. Usually they are unable to remove ingredients that do not make up the main component of the dish
We do have vendors preparing vegetarian dishes. Please browse through the vendor lists to select your preferred vendor.
We have a dedicated team that looks after your entire Homey experience, from the moment you place your order right through to it arriving with you. However, we do understand sometimes things might go wrong. If this is the case, kindly WhatsApp us at +6014-3040711
No cancellation is permitted. But subscriptions can be postponed to other days. It takes minimum 48 hours to process your request. For example if you want to pause the lunch or dinner on Monday, kindly ensure you notify us by Friday at 23:59 prior to your delivery. However, prior change are at our discretion.
Payments can be done after submission. We provide delivery on the requested date after the payment is done.
Yes! Your details are securely kept in our system