Personalized Meal

Premium Personalized Meal specially planned by dietitian for you

The Homey Personalized Meal is a premium personal dietary service for people who has special dietary needs because of

  • having certain complicated medical conditions (such as chronic kidney diseases, uncontrolled diabetes, poorly controlled hypertension, chronic eczema, metabolic syndrome, GERD, gluten hypersensitivity, chronic constipation, etc) that need customized meal planning by dietitian
  • having some specific health goal to achieve eg lose weight, gain weight, become lean and fit
  • having dietary restrictions (eg allergies/ intolerance) on many food ingredients
  • having specific ingredients preferences

The Homey Personalized Meals are individually designed and priced. Prices vary and are quoted on a meal-by-meal basis, based on the amount of the food, ingredient costs, complexity of the meal and frequency of delivery.


Think of us as your own “virtual personal dietetic service.” Let our dietitians know your needs and we will create a customized meal to meet your requirements. Please fill up the form below:


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