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Is Gluten Bad for Your Body?


“Hi dietitian, I am recently making a lot of changes on my diet to ensure I stay healthy. My friend told me that I should be cutting gluten out of my diet as she said gluten is bad for our body, is it right? “



“Hello there! Thank you for sending in your question! Gluten is a type of protein found in grains such as wheat, barley, malt and rye. Gluten-free diet is only advised for people with certain medical conditions including Celiac disease or wheat allergy. Therefore unless you have sensitivity to gluten or with above medical conditions, it is not necessary for you to avoid gluten in your diet.


Unveiling gluten-free misperceptions: 'Don't assume gluten-free products  are healthy by default'

It is important for you to discuss with your dietitian or physician before you choose to follow a specific diet. This is to ensure the specific diet plan is best and safe meeting your individual needs and health condition. For most people without any health problem, eating healthily with right food portion & healthy cooking methods are more than enough.


You can refer to the attached link for the info-graphic kit about healthy eating. It is a joint initiative from Malaysian Dietitian Association, Nutrition Society Malaysia & Malaysia Association for the Study of Obesity.

Eat Smart, Get Fit & Feel Great (PDF)


Hope this help and all the best for your dietary changes!



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MJ, certified dietitian