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Is Dory Fish Toxic? Is There Poisonous Fish That We Should Not Eat After Operation?

Question : Hi dietitian, I love to eat fish but recently, I heard that dory fish is very toxic and also there are some fish that should be avoided after the operation as it contains poisons. Is that true? Can you please explain?

Answer : Hi, thank you for your questions. The article below explains the answer to your questions. Kindly have a read.


Despite the theories leading to these claims, there is currently no evidence or official statement from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) discouraging its consumption. The Bureau of Food reported that while it is possible domesticated fish may be fed with animal meat or even animal waste, it is less likely that farm operators would jeopardize their own businesses by giving dead animal bodies.  


In a nutshell, individuals who still feel uncomfortable consuming dory fish due to cultural or personal reasons can always opt for other types of fishes available in the market, such as mackerel, sardine, salmon, herring, and many more. In short, there are certainly many good reasons and health benefits of eating fish!  


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T.S, Dietitian, Private Hospital