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Can I Bath/Shower After Eating?

Many of us grew up hearing that we should not bathe right after a meal. Therefore, many of us do wait at least an hour after meals before taking shower and some just perceives it as myth.

Before jumping into any conclusion, let’s get to know some physiological facts related to this believe.


In relation to the context which we are discussing, let’s look in detail into chemical digestion.


Body goes through thermoregulation in order to maintain relatively constant core body temperature. The skin plays a substantive role in the thermoregulatory process. In response to increased or decreased ambient or internal temperatures, skin blood flow is modified accordingly through sympathetic vasodilation and vasoconstriction mechanisms, respectively.

Now, let’s connect the dots.

Body needs core body temperature for the digestion occurs at maximal rate.

When we take bath after meals, increase or decrease in core body temperature leaving non – optimal environment for digestion to occur. Secondly, either increase or decrease in body temperature channels high blood flow to the skin for body temperature maintenance regulation. 



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Theeba Muniandy, Bsc (Hons) Nutrition & Dietetics (IMU), Founder l Dietitian , Dietiva Solutions