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Different Types of Salt?

Client: Hi Dietitian, I have hypertension and I have been told to reduce my salt intake. There are many types of salt in the market nowadays and I do not understand what are the differences between these salts. Can you please guide me on this?

Dietitian: Hi, that is a very good question. I believe many people out there are also confused with these types of salt. The article below explores the most popular salt types and compares their nutritional properties.

This is because these sea salts usually have larger crystal sizes than the table salt, which results in these salts have less Na by volume, such as by teaspoon or tablespoon, but not by weight.


However, for those with kidney diseases, always check with physician or dietitian for specific concerns.






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Kui Xiao Qing, BSc(Hons) Nutrition(USM)

Nutritionist, private clinic