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Alkaline Diet - Science Or Fiction?

The alkaline diet has gained much popularity in recent years. The idea behind is that the alkaline diet is thought to have a lower “acidic” content. Since the diet is mainly made up of fruits and vegetables, it has a greater potassium-organic anion content. Comparatively, a diet rich in animal protein and sodium creates a more acidic environment.

Some believe that an alkaline diet can cure or prevent cancer, since cancerous cells thrive in acidic environments and, therefore, an alkaline based foods will create an internal environment that discourages cancer development. Yet, this is not the case. Recent studies have proven the development of cancer or its treatment is NOT ASSOCIATED with sugar and acidity or alkalinity in the diet. In fact, it is an outcome due to the presence of cancer in the body

It’s a fiction that alkaline diet can treat cancer diseases and there’s not enough evidence to support the causal relationship between acid/alkali composition of a diet and bone health.



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KHX, Nutritionist, private company


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