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Am I one of the people who have high risk to get colorectal cancer?


Study showed that increased fiber intake may lead to a dilution of fecal carcinogens, reduced transit time, and bacterial fermentation of fiber to short-chain fatty acids with anticarcinogenic properties .

Numerous prospective studies have evaluated the association between fiber and colorectal cancer , and a meta-analysis showed a reduced risk of colorectal cancer with dietary fiber intake .

 In 2011, the World Cancer Research Fund and American Institute of Cancer Research continuous update report on colorectal cancer concluded that there was now “convincing” evidence that increased fiber intake was protective against the risk of colorectal cancer .

A recent meta-analysis also reported that total fiber intake was associated with a reduced risk of adenoma; however, the reduction in risk was greater and only significant for retrospective case-control studies and not significant for prospective studies .


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- American Insitute of Cancer Research