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GMO foods: friend or foe?

What are GMO foods?

GMO foods are genetically modified or bioengineered foods made by adding genes from other plants or organisms. Genetic engineering is used to transfer selected individual genes from one organism into another organism. It can be used in two non-related species too.

Why modify the genes?

  • Increase plant’s resistance to insects
  • Slow spoilage
  • Improve flavor, nutrient content, or other desired qualities

Is it safe?

GMO foods available in the market now have passed safety assessment. They must meet the same safety requirements as traditional foods before being marketed. So far, there is no proof at this time that those GMO foods are harmful to human health.

Some people might say that GMO foods have the potential to trigger allergic reactions, because they may contain genes from an allergen. Actually, there have been no reports of allergic effects of any GMO foods on the market.

There is also no evidence that saying consuming GMO foods can lead to cancer.




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