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Regular Juice vs Cold-Pressed Juice: Which is Better?

If you were given regular juice and cold-pressed juice, which one will you choose for? Is cold-pressed juice a healthier choice for consumption?

1. What is the Difference?

The main difference between regular juices and cold-pressed juices is the extraction method. Regular juices are extracted by using fast-spinning blades inside the centrifugal juicers. Cold-pressed juices are extracted by using a hydraulic press without involved the fast-spinning blades.


                                                                        Centrifugal Juicer

                                                                         Cold-Pressed Juicer


2. Any Difference in Nutritional Contents?

Many cold-pressed juices in the market are claimed able to retain more nutrients and can last for longer time due to the low heat and low speed extraction method while regular fruit juices that extracted by metal blade spins at high speed will negatively affect the nutrient contents of fruit juices. However, there is no solid scientific basis claim on this. Studies shown that there were no differences for the content of bioactive compounds and antioxidant capacity between regular juices and cold-pressed juices. But, further research is needed to get a deeper clarification on this aspect.

In addition, cold-pressed juices also be claimed that can last for more days than regular juices. However, proper storage methods mainly the suitable temperature and time-period are equally important for both regular and cold-pressed juices.

3. Which One is More Recommended?

Juicing conditions including the juicing time and the juicer specifications might affect the quality of the extracted juices but both methods can be used to make the fruit juices. Try to look for the one without added sugars, chemicals, artificial colours and preservatives. Fruit juices may raise the blood sugar level faster than the intake of whole fruits. Therefore, diabetes patients should monitor their blood glucose level if want to consume fruit juices and always go for the natural fruit juices without extra sugar added. In addition, fruit juices contribute to the daily calories too thus remember to include it in the daily calorie allowance.



Last but not least, the recommended fruit intake is two servings per day so try to include fruits in our daily diet but not overconsume it!

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Written by,

Dietitian Cheah Chui Fen