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My Internship Experience at Homey

Internship gives opportunity for students to learn more practical experiences that we can’t get in the lecture. I was having my first internship and now I want to share how can a nutrition student “survived” in an online food marketing company, Homey! Before having my internship in Homey, I was thought that I would be having face to face consultation with the customers and working with the kitchen staff to prepare the meals for customers but surprisingly it was not. Nevertheless, I was spending my working hours at office during this pandemic season.

Before going further, let me introduce myself. I am a second-year nutrition student studying in UCSI University. Why I choose to complete my first internship at Homey? Homey is an ideal place for me to explore more hand-on experiences while making my knowledge visible in the job. Meanwhile, this internship experience has opened my eyes and changed my perspectives towards the visibility of a nutritionist.

Here are my experiences take away in Homey:

  1. Adaptable:  I was  assigned to help in the kitchen in the morning for therapeutic meal delivery. everyone has to be alert and fast as we need to send out a large number of meals with different diseases. I learn from senior dietitian on meal with different medical condition. 

  2. Continuous learning: There is a session called CDE where everyone can share their knowledge among the dietitians and nutritionists. CDE encourages us to keep learning continuously.

  3. Creativity: I designed the posters or nutrition tip posts for the social media posts and created some attractive captions for the posts. It was a great chance for me to improve my designing skill.

  4. Marketing skill: I brainstormed some events or promotion to attract more customers meanwhile improve the brand visibility of Homey.

  5. Communication skill: I was able to improve my communication skills and self-confidence when conducting Facebook Live with some professionals. Through this, I can know more professionals in different careers and connect with them.

  6. Public Speaking Skills: I learnt how to conduct Facebook LIVE session and able to interact with crowds. 

  7. Customer Care: I approached to customer service when I just started my internship. It is important to be patient when you are dealing with customers.

  8. Team spirit: 

a.  With Homey Team

Open communication between us allowed me to be more engaged. Working with them under a nice environment made me feel comfortable.

b. With Merchant Kitchen

In the kitchen, I had to make sure the meals are good in condition before delivering. Communicating well with the kitchen staff was very significant so that we can work peacefully.

       7. Decision making: I had to be very decisive especially when working with the kitchen staff so that the meal preparation time will not be delayed.


My Facebook Live with some professionals:

First FB Live with Clinical Psychologist, Ms. Michelle Yap


Second FB Live with Experienced Bra & Breast Prosthesis Fitter, Ms. Teng Ting


Third FB Live with Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Dr.JJ


Fourth FB Live with Community Pharmacist, Ms. Gina Koay



Other than that, people in Homey are open and good to communicate. I extended my internship period to learn more. They were willing to teach and guide me when I was in need. Thanks God because they were treating me so well.

Here are some beautiful memories in Homey:

Playing badminton with Homey Team and IT Team after working (Healthy Lifestyle hehehe)

Dietetic and nutrition department’s meeting

Preparing “Tangyuan” for our customers during Winter Solstice

To those nutrition or dietetic students who want to explore more, feel free to contact Homey because you can experience different things other than your major.

Last but not least, I learned more than what I have expected. Thanks everyone, Thanks Homey! I will definitely miss you all!! Hope that we’ll meet again someday!

End my intern with Chrismas celebration being a secret Santa!

Written by,

Goh Shu Mei, Nutrition with Wellness Student