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Pandemic Doesn’t Stop Me from Learning New Things Everyday!

One of the key experiences recommended during my time as an undergraduate is doing an internship. A quality internship is essential to develop critical skills that I can’t get in a classroom. This past March, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to be selected as one of the nutritionists in Homey Food Marketing Sdn Bhd. This health nutrition optimization platform is backed by a strong network of dietitians and nutritionists to meet everyone's healthy dietary needs. It would be my first-ever internship, and I had so many questions and worries:


Can I handle all of this work? Will I enjoy what I am doing? What will my co-workers be like?


Now, three and half months after employment, I can truthfully say that taking this internship was the best decision I’ve made! Although I encountered some difficulties, the benefits far outnumbered the costs, and I feel that the experience empowered me to get ready for my “real-world” career.


# Communication

Communication is a significant part of my internship in Homey Nutrition because I have to deal with at least 50++ customers each day. Every customer has different stories, health concerns and nutrition goals. My responsibility is to help solve their needs and problems by recommending suitable meals to help them embrace and maintain healthy eating. It is important to show customers that I understand what they need instead of simply saying by applying empathic listening in a customer care setting. Also, a polite and warm conversation with customers can show respect and reflect the company and its reputation.

This was my warm message for the customer


# Problem Solving

Besides providing food delivery service to the customers, I do receive some customers’ problems and doubts regarding the meals and delivery company. I have learned to define and understand the customers’ point of view before jumping to the decision making of the solution to aim Win-Win solution between customers and me. Undoubtedly, there were some unreasonable requirements, and I have to deal with them smartly and cautiously. Once I have helped to solve the problems, I will gain little achievement and self-growth for my skill.


# Guide to Healthy & Balanced Diet

I have learned to promote healthy and balanced eating to the community through this Homey Nutrition platform because all the meals are co-designed by Homey dietitians according to Medical Nutrition Therapy. The food portions are customized based on customers’ health or medical condition and healthy cooking methods used in preparing the meals. It makes me more confident that promoting natural and wholesome foods is the best choice to provide vitamins and minerals with every need for optimal health. I always remember these two quotes: “You are what you eat” and “Every time you eat is an opportunity to nourish your body”. Good practice in a healthy and balanced diet can help to protect against illness and diseases.


# Skill Exploration

In Homey Nutrition, I was always given the opportunity to unleash my creativity and ideas in the marketing field to promote healthy foods and reliable nutrition information on social media. Interesting and attractive posts or advertisements could catch the eyeballs of the public to reach us. Moreover, I have learned to think outside of the box to promote public engagement from the Founder of Homey Nutrition, Dr Tan. All the posts and advertisements created by him were inspired and surprised me, which are simple and humorous!


Ultimately, words cannot describe and express my feelings and everything I have gained on this platform. These three and half months have helped me progress towards my goals – better and stronger me! Special thanks to Ms Yi Chien, co-founder of Homey Nutrition, who has shared with me this quote: Bloom where you are planted. I will keep moving and never give up to learn and polish myself because great things take time. Thank you to everyone in Homey Nutrition who has been involved in my internship journey.

This was my farewell party organized by HOMEY Dietitians and Nutritionists Team! 


Written by,

Christie Loke, Nutritionist Internship
The National University of Malaysia (UKM)