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I fly to Penang for my internship and it's the best decision I made before graduation

Hi readers! My name is Shi Hui and I am originally from Johor Bahru. I am excited to share my experience as a nutritionist intern at Homey Penang! If you want to know how this intern experience can shape the way you see yourself and your future path, keep reading!

Though we were in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, thinking of traveling for an internship can be hard. Fortunately, I was able to travel to Penang at that time and I feel so grateful to have been given the opportunity to complete my internship at Homey. At first, I was a little bit anxious about having to leave home and face a new working experience for the first time. However, my every fear and worry disappeared since day one at Homey because I felt completely involved in every process and all my colleagues were super helpful and kind.

How was my internship like? 

I have always had a clear plan in my head and my biggest interest was to get more in-depth about nutrition consultation. Throughout my internship with Homey, I have had the opportunity to consult TTFC Wellness participants on their weight loss program. I worked together with participants by creating a plan that works for them, monitoring goals, and tracking their progress. This process helped me to enhance my consulting skill including listening, questioning, and advising.

Besides that, I learned a variety of new things in my internship that I didn’t learn in my course. First, I learned how to engage with customers online when I was placed at customer care. I learned how to establish a correct tone of the conversation and build rapport with the community with a good level of online professionalism. I cleared customer’s concerns or doubts by providing credible, accurate information or sending relevant articles to customers to take a read.

Secondly, I have had the privilege to enter the kitchen for meal checking. I have learned about the meal plating process for different types of meals, how to liaise with the kitchen team and rider team to make sure that meal preparation is aligned with customer's needs and delivered right to the doorstep. I have also had the chance to join weekly Continuous Dietetic Education to ensure continuous improvement and stay updated with cutting-edges and evidence-based information.

Being part of the Homey team was so eye-opening, it gave me the opportunity to think creatively and innovatively. Homey nutritionists and dietitians constantly keep track of the latest nutrition trends to prepare nutrition content posting on social media. I was able to create social media content and website designation by using different graphic design and video editing applications.

Additionally, I learned some aspects of marketing skills. I was able to learn the sales process to make a structured and approach to closing sales, social media management on how to increase the visibility of brands, analyzing data, and using data insights to target consumers with the right opportunities.

A takeaway from my internship experience 

I am extremely grateful for the hands-on experience in Homey and I always felt like my opinion was valued. Aside from all the skills I have acquired from this experience, one of the most important things I have learned is teamwork. I have always been lucky to have good colleagues to work with. The whole process of work becomes more efficient with a superb group of colleagues.

Throughout my 14 weeks internship with Homey, it is more than what I thought it would be and the work is relevant as I had hoped. I believe that what I have learned in Homey can push me out of my comfort zone and grow personally and professionally. I would strongly recommend you to challenge yourself by pursuing an internship at Homey because it would definitely add extra value to your study life and help you to understand you can make a difference in your future path than you expected!