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WFH is not my excuse to stop learning!

Hi there! I am Yong Qi, a nutritionist intern at Homey. As a fresh graduate, I really appreciate Homey for providing me with such a fruitful internship here. I have been interested in clinical nutrition, therefore would like to join and learn at this healthtech nutrition optimisation platform which is backed by doctor and certified dietitians & nutritionists before starting my Master’s degree. Due to the rising number of coronavirus cases, I started my first ever remote internship this May. I was so excited yet worried at the same time as I have not been working from home before. 


How is WFH like?

This remote internship has been a whole new experience for me. When I just started my internship, I found communicating with my colleague difficult as we can only contact via phone call or WhatsApp messages. I worry that I will not be able to work with them well as I am not able to see them in real life. However, after getting used to it, I no longer worry about it. All of them are friendly and helpful, you do not have to be super careful when asking questions! Besides, as I am not able to work with colleagues in real life, staying motivated is really important. Throughout these 3 months of internship, my everyday life is filled with different knowledge and the will to learn is definitely my biggest motivation to keep me looking forward to work everyday! Although I am not able to go to the kitchen or join any events with Homey team, I definitely had a memorable and precious time here. 



What did I learn throughout this internship? 

Since I joined Homey, my biggest goal has always been looking into how I can improve my menu planning and consultation skills. Throughout my internship with Homey, I had the opportunity to consult a few clients to help them to start adopting a healthier lifestyle or to achieve their weight loss goals. I have planned a menu and created plans which are suitable and efficient for them, then monitoring their progress. These tasks are helping me to improve my consulting and menu planning skills.


In addition, there are a few takeaways in Homey: 


# Adaptation & Self Motivating

As this is a remote internship, it is very different from working at the office. All communication has to be made through phone calls or messages. Not being able to meet them physically, too, means a lot of online meetings via video calls. It is really important for us to adapt to this kind of working style and keep ourselves motivated in order to keep up our working standard. 


# Customer Care

I was engaged with the customers through online platforms like messenger and WhatsApp. Through customer care, I learned the correct tone to communicate with the customers with professionalism. At the same time, when the customers have some queries and doubts, I make sure that all information and some relevant articles that I provide to the customers are accurate and up-to-date so they can get correct and updated information! Most importantly, I learned how to build trust and rapport through communicating with them. These are the important and valuable soft skills which we are not able to learn from the courses. 


# Healthy Dietary Habit & Nutrient Analysis

I did have Homey Meals as my lunch too! I got to know more about how the meal is like and personally I do enjoy the meals as they are really yummy, healthy and in the right portion to me. There is also a little task for me prior to having the meals, I have to measure the weight of each ingredient then calculate and analyse the nutrients of the meals. This helped me to know more about healthy dietary habits and also to learn about nutrient analysis. 



# Problem solving skills

Of course, we do receive some feedback or complaints by the customers sometimes. As a front liner who will be facing and communicating with the customers directly, I learned to deal with them and build rapport with the customers. It is not as easy as it sounds, thinking critically and rationally while replying politely is really important. At the same time, we have to give feedback to the kitchen team so we can make improvements on the meals. 


# Teamwork & communication 

Whenever I need advice from the team, open communication is always allowed. They always asked for my opinions, took that into account then gave me their opinion and advice. This really makes me feel engaged, trusted and helps me to be more confident. 


# Innovative

I do take some short videos of our meals with nutrition. A lot of times, customers would not know what benefit they can get from eating the food. So by watching the videos, they can know the benefits and what makes our meals different from the others. Besides, I learned some photography skills from the marketing team too. I took food photography to make sure healthy and nutritious meals don’t look boring and bland. I can proudly say, one of my photos has managed to be posted on Homey Instagram! I hope this can attract the community’s attention and make them to start adopting a healthy eating habit. 


All in all, this whole internship experience is definitely valuable and unforgettable as I have learned a lot and had a great time here. A big thank you to the Homey team who has helped and guided me throughout my internship. 


Written by,

Kwan Yong Qi, Nutrition Graduate

University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus.