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Providing customer care being a non-native!

Hello everyone! I’m Ayesha who just completed year 2 Nutrition from University of Nottingham Malaysia. 


Like every aspiring nutritionist, it has been my ambition to promote a healthy lifestyle and improve the long term dietary habits of people from all ages. I did not want to wait for my degree to finish in order to start making a difference in people’s lives. Doing an Internship at Homey gave me the opportunity to actually implement the knowledge I have gained in my courses in practical life. 


Homey provides medically healthy meals curated by dietitians according to the person’s health condition. I have always believed that nature has given us a variety of foods that have the power to heal. Food has been an important part of every person. Right food in the right portions can help you fight every disease while eating bad foods can lead to many diseases. There is a very famous quote by Hippocrates which is my favourite- “let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food”. 

I always wanted to work in a company whose visions align with mine, where instead of providing artificial techniques to reduce weight, it provides credible nutrition knowledge and fresh meals with whole food ingredients with portions according to the nutritional guidelines to help the body achieve its health goal. 


Here is what i have learned from my internship: 



  • I made nutritional videos, infographics , content for the Homey website and social media such as Instagram, facebook and Google MyBusiness and newsletters. I have learned the different ways marketing is done, the language style you use and the design you use for the posters to influence decisions of consumers to trust and buy our products. Understanding the different marketing strategies was quite fascinating for me. 

  • I was also assigned to make ebooks for Covid-19 recovery nutrition guide for clients who purchased a 20days covid recovery package, a 7day easy breakfast plan for covid recovery. I also designed a general nutrition ebook named “20 days Health Transformation with Homey”. This included basic nutrition knowledge, diet and fitness trackers and breakfast recipes for clients who purchased a 20 days package.

  • While making videos, infographics , social media posts and ebooks, I had to make sure all the important nutrition knowledge I’m providing is credible, and simple to understand with the help of graphics as people generally like to absorb the knowledge in simple language with lots of visuals.

  • I learned the importance of Google MyBusiness ,and how to market there.

  • I also learned another marketing strategy which is email marketing through Mailchimp software. I enjoyed exploring the software as I have never used it before and then I sent my 20days health transformation ebook to the clients through this software.

  • Working in the marketing area has greatly improved my creativity, knowledge of nutrition and how to present things precisely and attract attention.




The last month of my internship , I was working in the sales team. I was in the front end dealing with customers on Facebook. This was the most challenging yet the most fun filled task. Working in the front end means answering customers enquiries regarding our meals, and nutrition. So i had to give them correct information about nutrition and while also promoting our products.


Here is what I learned from sales:


  • Communication skills: Being a non-native, it was initially a bit challenging to communicate with the customers in their style, but eventually I adapted to the different way of conversing. I first observed my colleagues and learned how to phrase the messages in English with a local touch while also building trust and rapport. Then I learned to make it effective, to be just the right amount of technical and informal and most importantly be simple and clear. I always tried to show the value of products to customers first through pictures, testimonials, nutrition information, explaining to them that our services are result proven and cost effective.

  • Organisation skills: To be organised and save time, I always had a handy script for things I usually need to address on the go, and to ensure I do not miss any necessary details with each communication. 

  • I learned to be proactive while taking orders, answering their questions and filling their order details correctly from so many customers each day. 


Homey makes sure that their interns have a great learning experience here and that all interns reflect on their experience every week. Frequent meetings are conducted to know about the progress, interact with team members, increase bonding and bounce off ideas. Moreover, we have (Continuous dietetics education) CDE every week where everyone gathers and discusses about a particular topic or highlights a customer case. 


Overall I had a fruitful internship here, special thanks to Ms Yi Chien and Shin Hwa for guiding me at every step and motivating me to keep learning and never give up. As a junior trainee, I never faced any imposition rather there were positive discussions every time we encountered a problem. 

It was an incredible experience for me to step out of the comfort of a theory class and face practical challenges with the clients and I’m sure it will definitely enrich my knowledge and skills. 


Here is my lovely Homey team❤️


Written by Ayesha Ashraf Khan

2nd year Nutrition student, 

University of Nottingham Malaysia