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Therapeutic Medical Meal

Optimise your medical condition through Homey.

We provide medically-tailored meals as part of your chronic disease management. Homey strives to help people in the community living with chronic disease to meet their specific nutritional needs. Read More..

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Custom Meal Plan Delivery

Our dietician takes extra measures to ensure that your meals are packed with the nutrition that you will need. We understand that when it comes to cooking a meal for people with special nutrition needs could be tedious especially if you do not have the time in your hand. Our registered dietician nutritionists at Homey work with clients to help them mend their connections with food and with their physical selves. Incorporating the correct nutrition into their daily life allows their bodies and minds to begin to recover and perform as they were designed to. A qualified dietician approves all our custom meal plan delivery. Meals can be supplied on a short-term basis, such as while someone recovers from surgery or a hospital stay, or they can be delivered on a long-term basis. Clients and caregivers can be certain that healthy meals for better nutrition are provided on a daily basis, as well as in packs of tasty ready-to-heat and frozen meals. Both our Kuala Lumpur and Penang locations provide customised meal plan delivery.

A therapeutic diet is a meal plan that restricts the consumption of specific foods or substances. It is used to treat a medical problem and is usually recommended by a doctor and planned by a dietician. A therapeutic diet is typically a variation of a standard diet. It is altered or personalised to meet the nutritional requirements of a certain individual. Additionally, food therapy entails making changes to an existing nutritional habit in order to improve one's health. Some frequent therapeutic diets are clear liquid diets, full liquid diets, high fibre diets, renal diets, pureed diets, food allergy adjustment, and so on. It is a subfield of dietetics concerned with the therapeutic use of food. It is prescribed to maintain, restore, and correct nutritional status, reduce calorie intake for weight control, and to increase calorie intake for weight gain. It also balances the intake of carbohydrates, fat, and protein for diabetic control. Our dieticians will go through your medical problems with you and consult you to come up with a custom meal plan delivery. As part of our therapeutic customized meal plan delivery services, we tailor your meals as per your medical needs.

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